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Van Loc Gem Tower
  Formed by association of more than 1888 quartz crystals, 4999 ruby crystals, spinel, sapphire, Aquamarine, Topaz and Peridot, Van Loc gem tower (weight : 680 kg, height : 2,18 m, width : 1.15 m )which are sincere wishes, can be seen as gifts from the Gods to the mankind.
Introduction of natural gemstone painting “GREAT WALL OF CHINA"
The Delong star ruby.
The biggest Ruby gemstone in Viet Nam
Gemstone Earring: One Small Way To Express Your Individuality
Black Star of Queensland
Star of Bharany Ruby
Star of Asia Sapphire
Gemstones in Vietnam
The Biggest Golden Topaz in the world.
“Logan Blue Sapphire”
The Bismark Sapphire Necklace.
Christie's Sells 101-Carat Diamond at HK$48.5 Million
Christie's sells Ruby for a Record $ 3.6 Million
The Star of India
A $1,000,000 12ct Yellow
Color is Key for Retro Glamour Looks at Primetime Emmys
The Ultimate Jeff Koons: Blue Diamond at Christie's
Zultanite: A Turkish Delight
GIA Trade Alert Warns About Color change in Gems
Falling for Color


 Price: $ 236000
 Weigh: 12,38 ct
 Size: 15.41 x 13.06 x 7.28 mm
 Status: ok


 Price: $ 39990
 Weigh: 35 kg
 Size: 17 x 19 x 66 cm
 Status: ok


 Price: $ 9900
 Weigh: 21 kg
 Size: 21 x 18 x 46 cm

  Jade 007   

 Price: $ 1800
 Weigh: 820 gr
 Size: 19x14.4x2.6 cm


 Price: $ 233
 Weigh: 9.35 cts
 Size: 12.1 x 15.8 x 9.1 (mm)
 Status: Sold - Thanks Mr Toan


 Price: $ 26800
 Weigh: 9.05 cts
 Size: 14.5x10.2x7.2 (mm)
 Status: ok

  Snail lamp 010   

 Price: $ 1550
 Weigh: 2.0 kg
 Size: 25 x 17,5 x 22 cm

  Ruby ring 022   

 Price: $ 5998
 Weigh: 6.8 gr
 Size: 16


 Price: $ 395000
 Weigh: 420cts
 Size: 3.3x6.6x2.0(cm)

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